Michel Roux Jnr’s Hidden Kitchens

Far away from London’s fine dining scene, a very different type of restaurant is burgeoning in the UK. Passionate British chefs have taken to setting up kitchens in remote or secretive locations, which allow – or force – them to be extremely inventive in their cooking, while creating a unique experience for diners wily enough to seek them out.

Inspired and fascinated by this trend, Michel Roux Jnr is going on a journey across the UK to seek out the very best hidden eateries; in order to eat some extraordinary food, meet a new breed of British chef, and pick up culinary tricks and tips for himself as he endeavours to set up a hidden kitchen of his very own.

From a floating restaurant only accessible by boat, to a fine-dining garden shed that seats only 8, Michel will travel the length and breadth of the UK to discover some of the country’s most extraordinary hidden eateries. As well as visiting an array of up and running restaurants, each episode will follow one new restaurant from build to opening night showcasing the hard work and ingenious ideas that go into making these unusual eateries work.

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