Craft: I Made This

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Heavy metal drummer Chris evoked the same reaction with the scented candles he makes from wax and essential oils. His favourite aroma was the must of a sweaty biker’s old leather jacket.

Presenter Clemency Green turned pale when she got a whiff of it, on Craft: I Made This (More 4). She opted for a lighter hint of cut grass. That seems sensible: when the neighbours drop round, it’s better for them to sniff the air and think of freshly mowed lawns than to wonder whether you’re having an affair with a Hell’s Angel.

Candles were one of the easier projects on this new DIY series, Craft: I Made This (More 4)

Candles were one of the easier projects on this new DIY series. At the difficult end, woodworker William Hardie was showing us how to make a wooden bench without using nails, by weaving planks into a lattice. William’s the kind of earnest chap who goes into poetic rhapsodies when he picks up a chisel: ‘That connection between hand and eye is a wonderful antidote to our modern lifestyle.’

It’s refreshing, though, to have a real person instead of a TV personality, fronting a show like this. Until now, arts and crafts on telly meant watching Kirstie Allsopp gather her family around her at Christmas to admire her homemade tinsel.

Whether anyone will actually make the miniature Victorian greenhouse, constructed from leaded panes of glass with a soldering iron, isn’t really the point. What matters more is that candles reeking of biker body odour never catch on.

Craft: I Made This

9pm, More4

Craft – which is basically DIY for cat lovers – has been one of the more twee products of our austere times. Presenters from Kirstie Allsopp to Monty Don have tried to extol the virtues of baking, sewing and gluing maps to old furniture, and this is the latest attempt to make the pastime worthy of TV. Here William Hardie, car bloke Ant Anstead and Clemency Green are challenged to make a dog bed, a garden bench and a hand-sewn leather satchel. John Robinson

Craft: I Made This


by Jane Rackham

The joy of making has gripped thousands all over the UK in recent years, with craft shops and magazines catering to every imaginable creative activity. So if you yearn to learn how to make a macramé mirror or a hand-sewn leather satchel, this is the show for you. 

Three presenters, all of them fanatical about making things, tackle a different task – some extremely complex. And Clemency Green meets three craft professionals who demonstrate their favourite quick and easy “mini make”. If you’re all fingers and thumbs, even when it comes to wrapping a simple present, you can admire the way they make the trickiest craft seem simple.


Designer William Hardie, crafter Clemency Green and bespoke car maker Ant Anstead tackle different tasks, from making a dog bed to a hand-sewn leather satchel.